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The Living Well® Products Division

The Company has been involved in the pilot marketing, research and development of several Environmental products, since 1995. The main focus being Water treatment technologies, In 1998, The Living Well®, became an internationally registered trademark. The Company holds rights to the patents relating to its core products.
Achieving the right balance of; technological delivery through the rationalisation of cost, quality amd target marketing has been an ongoing process and the result of several years of field and marketing trials.
The strategy of keeping the technology within reach of the market, with an emphasis on robust simplicity and quality, has been a central goal. More sophisticated developments are on the drawing board and are planned for the market place over the next 2 years.

The parent Company, General Incentives P/L was incorporated in 1991. It commenced operations in the same year and has been variously located in S.E. Queensland. Its registered office is now located on the Gold Coast. The primary activity of the business, historically, has been as market developers.  Its client base has included both small and large service type businesses but has variously included major National Franchise Networks..
A quiet but important community contribution within the company's above Industry Group focus, has been the promotion of practical environmental strategies.

The Living Well, A division of General Incentives Pty Ltd   Est.1991. ABN 57050537525

The Living Well® - WATER

'History of Tap Water'

Late in the 19th century, city and town authorities throughout the developed world systemized the collection and distribution of water for domestic and industrial use. Town planners and city engineers’ first task was to ensure this water was safe from diseases and had consistent pressure for everyone to use.Over 50 different chemicals are now used, especially chlorine and ammonia to guarantee ‘safe’ drinking water. In recent years studies have clearly shown links between tap water and various types of cancer, miscarriage, allergies, and the like.  This has seen the proliferation of water filters for domestic use world wide. About 50% of homes have some kind of filtration and many people buy water. But there is another problem, for over 100 years scientific and medical research has assumed that water, as it flows from our taps (quite apart from added chemicals), is in an otherwise ‘natural’ state. IT IS NOT!

Clearly, we are genetically dependent upon water. However, the liquid mother- nature provided us with to maintain our 75% body-water content, does not flow from our taps. It is missing the fundamental bio-magnetic charge that permeates nature’s aquifers. Modern living is disconnected from this primary source-of-life.

WATER, the most basic of all necessities, THE LIVING WELL® opens the door to a new world of ‘LIVING’ by putting the ‘Organic’ back into our water and WATER, long under-rated, is now rapidly being recognized as an essential for good health. This is why doctors and experts universally recommend we drink 8 glasses of quality water per day. Recently published research in the American Journal of Health for example, has revealed that “Not drinking enough water is as dangerous for health as smoking” Dr.J Chan-on University research with 20,000 people.

THE LIVING WELL® makes water easier to drink. It’s smoother. Plus, we take out all the added chemicals whilst leaving in potentially beneficial minerals. By reactivating these minerals in water, drinks and food we consume, with our patented method, our body is assisted to maintain advanced health and vitality.   It is a simple, inexpensive technology that helps to correct a very complex set of circumstances affecting the way we live and our quality of life. Too many to try and outline here.

'Health and Aging'

It is now known that body acidity is a MAJOR cause of disease. Viruses, free radicals and common degenerative conditions thrive  in this environment. Modern lifestyles and the drinks and food we consume, largely promote ACIDITY in our diet. This in turn places a heavy burden on our public health-care systems.  The water we drink, originally designed by nature to bring us essential ALKALINE minerals, (the opposite of acidic) is missing the natural bio-magnetic charge ( from the earth’s magnetic field) that ensure these minerals are available to our bodies in a form we can readily assimilate. The same goes for processed foods and drinks. In a nutshell, THE LIVING WELL® promotes an ALKALINE bodily environment because it puts back into water, the natural bio-magnetic qualities that are stripped from minerals, when town water is processed, pressurized and pumped, through kilometers of piping to reach your kitchen tap. But there’s more to this than just good health and PREVENTION OF DISEASE. Recent genetic research now confirms that cellular ACIDITY is also linked to the AGING PROCESS.

The Living Well® - FOOD

The same goes for nearly all food processing, with few exceptions. ‘Organic’ produce provides us with living foods, vital and free of chemicals. In our modern world it is very difficult for us to live without processed foods and drinks from the supermarket. THE LIVING WELL® range of products provides a practical way to help rebalance the value of the drink and food we consume.

The Living Well® - CONVENIENCE

Simple and convenient to use, via a range of products to suit your needs and budget, this technology is unobtrusive and blends seamlessly into your daily life.  Once you’ve used it for a little while it’s hard to imagine being without it. That’s why people say, “I LOVE MY DRINKDISK”, my “Living Well Water Filter” or                              “I love what you have done to upgrade my old water filter system!”

Many of our customers genuinely thank us for bringing such a welcome change into their lives and can’t stop talking about it!  Talk to your Living Well distributor about the many convenient options available to you. For example, how you can ‘LAYBY’ the system of your choice and at the same time, start enjoying immediate benefits. THE VERY SAME DAY!