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"I strongly recommend every one doing sports, from amateurs to athletes, to try The Living Well Energizer. I can not imagine anyone not benefiting from this truly fantastic product".

-Iron man challenge-


Part #1

I have loved the outdoors all my life. My profession is White Water Rafting and I have done my fair share of training over the years to stay in shape as this sport is very demanding. I have also for years been interested in health foods and nutrition and have tried several types of supplements, both in and out of training and have for several years used a well known herbal based supplement.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with an irreversible back injury and have up until very recently not done any exercise other than the odd swim or short bicycle trip.

Two months ago I decided it was time to get back in shape and joined a gym. My primary goal was to strengthen the lower back and entire body with weight lifting. Plus, increase my cardiovascular performance as well.

I had started to use the drink disk a few weeks ahead of joining the gym and had gone through a period of light toxic cleansing. While working out I continuously sipped energized water from my drink bottle.

After two weeks of light training I saw a notice in the gym "The challenge of the month. Tread mill climb to Mount Everest base camp2. Prize to the member who climbs the highest."

The challenge was over four weeks and the member who accumulated the longest distance over the time would win. It started out on incline 9 and increased one level each week, so the last week you would have to climb on incline 12, the max incline of the tread mill.

Brisbane 06.06.2003

Part #2

When I first saw the notice it was already Monday week 2 and the leading member had done four 5km sessions totaling 20km.

I am the type of person who joins a challenge like this to win, but would I have a chance? I felt all odds were against me. I have never been a strong long distance runner and I had not done any running whatsoever in over 2 years and no other training either except the two weeks in the gym. However I felt I needed a challenge and decided to join.

I knew I would have to catch up with the leader quickly before he got too far ahead and I started with a 6km run on incline 9 which nearly killed me. (By now you probably think this guy is crazy! ...probably and extremely stubborn.) The first 2km were quite OK the next 3 were pure hell and the last km I had stars dancing in front of my eyes. My hip flexors were trashed from the incline, it felt like someone was sticking knives in them for every step I took. When I got off the tread mill I nearly fell to the floor! I had to rest for a few minutes before trying to walk again.

Well that's that, I thought to myself. At this stage I was sure I would not be able to take another step on the tread mill for at least 1-2 weeks, which meant that I would be out of the challenge.

During this first session I had consumed 1 litre of energized water and I drank another 2 litres during the evening.

The first day I could not lift my legs higher than 10 cm of the floor, I drank another 2-3 litres of energized water that day.

The second day I could walk quite normally! I could not believe it. I was totally blown away by the recovery rate I was experiencing!!

The third day I ran another 6km on incline 10. By now my competitor had done another10km totaling 35.

The day after that, Friday, I went back to the gym for my third session. By now I realized that you did not have to run the full distance you were actually allowed to walk. This time I ran 5km and walked 13km, totaling 18km on incline 10. Totaling for the week 30km.

I have never in my entire life been able to perform in this way with or without nutritional supplements of any kind. I kept drinking large volumes of energized water, 2-4 litres per day and I am 100% sure that it is the energized water that allow these remarkable recovery rates.

My running shoes are 6 years old and worn inside. After the 18km session I had water filled blisters 4cm in diameter on both heels. In past similar situations it has taken up to a week for blisters of this size to dry up unless punctured. I got the blisters on Friday. On Sunday they were both dry and healing without puncturing!!

Brisbane 06.06.2003

Part #3

Monday morning week 2 (third contest week)I had been resting over the weekend but my competitor had done another 5km. I decided to do another 7km. I ran 3 and walked 4. This week the incline was 11 and it was tough but my body was getting used to it so I decided to go back in the evening to do another 3km walking to total 10km.

On Tuesday I did another 2 sessions 7km each. Total since start 40km

At this point I went past my competitor for the first time and I felt that I might have a chance to win this challenge after all.

On Wednesday I did another 2 sessions of 7km and 11km by now I was starting to feel really worn out and I was mainly walking the distances throwing in a km of running now and then.

On Thursday I did a total of 18km in 2 sessions. During the 8km second session I developed a cramp in the left calf and I was doubtful to whether I would be able to climb anything on Friday.

When I got of the tread mill my calf was hard as a rock with severe pain! I drank 3litres of energized water as soon as I got home and 3 hours later much of the pain was gone.

The day after on Friday I did another 10km!

I had at this point totaled 100km since the start, my competitor was at this stage on 66km and that is where he gave up.

My blisters were really painful early in the week. I taped my feet and tied my shoes really loose. The blisters stayed dry and did not get any worse during the week.

Monday week 3 (fourth contest week) I still worried that my competitor would try to catch up so I wanted to put as much distance between us as possible and decided to do another 50km, on incline 12, during the week and finish the challenge on a total of 150km.

By the end of this last week my blisters had healed and for my last sessions I did not have to tape my feet.

I reached my goal and I won the challenge thanks to The Drink Disk and The Living Well!

I will from now on always use The Living Well water and nothing else to replenish myself during and after strenuous exercise.

I strongly recommend every one doing sports, from amateurs to athletes, to try The Living Well Energizer. I can not imagine anyone not benefiting from this truly fantastic product.

Brisbane 06.06.2003